Learner assessments will be performed on a regular basis and will be provided to parents during parent/teacher meetings (feedback sessions). These meetings will occur at least once a school term. We will provide dates for these meetings/sessions at later stage.

Assessments include class tests, individual and group projects and field trips. Parents/guardians are encouraged to assist learners to participate in the projects. If you are concerned about your child's (or childrens') progress, please contact our school administrators to arrange a meeting to discuss your concerns.

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is with accordance to the principles of the Quran and Sunnah of the Nabi Muhammad (SAW). The conduct of the students is expected to be in accordance with this philosophy. Any form of misconduct will be dealt with in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah of the Nabi Muhammad (SAW), by a school official.

We ask parents and learners to be aware of the guidelines below, to ensure the smooth operation of classes:

  • The learner must attend classes punctually. A class list will be used to monitor the attendance of learners for the year, and this will be used to report back to parents
  • The learner must be prepared for classes if homework is provided by teachers
  • The learner must be dressed in decent/modest manner
  • The learner will not be allowed to leave the school (early) without prior arrangements or permission
  • The parent/guardian must inform the school if the learner will be absent
  • Parents/guardians should not disturb learners or teachers during normal school hours. Please contact our school administrators to arrange a time to visit the school or administrator if you wish to discuss any matter regarding the learner or school. Teachers will be advised to direct any queries from parents/guardians to our school administrator
  • The use of cellular phones during school hours is expressly prohibited. Learners may have cellular phones for emergencies but will not be allowed to use the phone (calls, sms, mxit, chat) during school hours
  • Learners are encouraged to leave high value items at home. The school will not be held liable if items are stolen or lost.
  • The learner must keep the school classroom and facilities clean

- Rashaad Benting (Interim Administrator): (021) 593 0044 or 083 922 2586


Quranic Lessons Quranic lessons will be taught everyday (approximately 45 minutes per day)
Islamic Studies Islamic studies subjects include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Tougheed
  • Tafsir
  • Fiqh
  • Current/contemporary issues


Fees per year:   R1440 per child

Payment Options

Once-off payment R1300 upfront (10% discount)
Over 12 months R120
Over 10 months R144
When to pay Payable by the 4th of the same month or in advance for the year
How often Payment terms can be discussed on a case by case basis. (Refer to above payment options)
How to pay Cash, Debit Order or EFT
Bank Details Al Azhar Fund Raising Committee, Standard Bank
Account: 071158138
Branch: Thibault Square
Branch Code: 024709
Type of account: Current
Reference: Surname and First Name

No learner will be disadvantaged due to the lack of financial resources provided the administrator is consulted and informed of the situation. Please consult with one of the madrassah officials during registration. Please discuss payment arrangements/methods with madrassah officials during registration before signing this document.


Principal / Seniors Sheikh Ismail Keraan (Head of Education)
Contact: 082 213 3584
Class 2 (Intermediate) Saydien Batchelor
Contact: 083 978 4119
Class 2 (Intermediate) Suraydah Hassen
Contact: 082 351 6526
Class 1 (Juniors) Shamila Peters
Contact: 072 296 5291
Class 1 (Juniors) Shahieda Davids
Contact: 084 678 6438

For Information Contact:

Sheikh Ismail Keraan (Head of Education) - 082 213 3584
Ismail Matthews – 082 854 5493
Nasif Gamieldien - 073 177 2407

Collect Registration forms at the masjied.


Duration 18 April 2012 - 6 December 2012
Class Days Wednesday and Thursday (unless otherwise advised)
Class Times 4pm – 6pm (unless otherwise advised)
School Term 1 n/a
Parent Meeting n/a
School Term 2 18 April 2012 – 21 June 2012
[30 April 2012 , 1 May 2012 - School Holidays - madrassah moves to Thursday only (3rd May)]
Parent Meeting 21 June 2012*
School Term 3 18 July 2012 – 27 September 2012
[24 September 2012 - Heritage Day, madrassah moves to Thursday only (27 September)
9 August – Women’s Day - madrassah on 8 August only]
Please note that during Ramadan classes will be from 16:00 - 17:00.
Parent Meeting 26 September 2012*
School Term 4 10 October 2012 – 6 December 2012
Parent Meeting 6 December 2012*

* Times for the parent meetings at the end of each term to be confirmed.

For further information, please download the Madrassah Information Document (with Indemnity Form)