Welcome to Al-Azhar Masjied, Cape Town, South Africa

Special General Meeting

- 15 February 2013

There will be a Special General Meeting held, at Al-Azhar Mosque, on 3 March at 11:00. All is welcome to attend the meeting.

Eid-ul-Adha 2012: Sheigh's Address

- 26 October 2012

In the name of Allah (SWT) who without a shadow of doubt is who we submit to in our entirety. It is to Allah (SWT) that we express our sincere thanks for the gift that is Islam. For it is Allah (SWT) that has bestowed upon us the mercy of Islam; and the guidance according to the practical example of the Nabi Mohammad (SAW), and the sacred text of the Holy Quran. Incontrovertible then is our bearing witness to the Oneness of Allah (SWT) who is Allahu Akbar


Latest Jumuah Ghutba

- 5 October 2012
images/icons/document-pdf.png Friday Jumuah

Sheikh Ismail Keraan

Tuesday Night Lectures

- 24 August 2012

The Al-Azhar Masjied Tuesday Night lectures will resume from 28 August 2012 and will run until 4 December 2012.

The following topics will be covered in these lectures:

 Topic   Time Period   Date   Lecturer 
Tougheed – Selected Topics 9 Lectures 28 August 2012 - 23 October 2012 Sheikh Ismail Keraan & guest lecturers
Fiqh – selected topics 6 lectures 30 October 2012 - 4 December 2012 Sheikh Ismail Keraan & guest lecturer

Eid-ul-Fitr 2012: Chairman's Report

- 19 August 2012

As-salāmu ʿalaykum wa ragmatoelah wa barakatu

Dear Mureeds

It was during Ramadaan 1432/2011 that the mureeds of the Al Azhar Masjied commenced with the process of electing a new executive committee which culminated in an Annual General Meeting (AGM) which was held on the 9 October 2011, indeed an historic event in the history of the Al Azhar Masjied.

Alhamdoelillah, I am pleased to report that my dedicated team and I, with your support and the guidance and mercy of Allah (SWT), have managed to add a fair amount of substance to the vision and mission which we as an executive committee formulated at the start of our term of office .i.e.

To establish the Al Azhar masjied, as the leading, progressive, Islamic institution that fosters holistic growth in society, which will leave a legacy to future generations Insha-Allah.


Eid-ul-Fitr 2012: Sheigh's Address

- 19 August 2012

Alhamdoelillah, we have, once again, been granted the opportunity to have participated in the holiest of months, the month of Ramadan – the month of the Quran. It is in this blessed month; fourteen centuries ago that humankind was honoured with a unique divine message. Today, in this the 21st century, we ask ourselves - what is unique about this message?

The answer that comes to mind is that the uniqueness and greatness of the message is in its timelessness. For time and location has borne testimony over the centuries of how applicable, exact and absolute in its resourcefulness the Quran has been and is in the development of the human intellect. It is during the month of Ramadan that the world is in an ‘Arafat of Saum’. It is during this month that Muslim unity and brotherhood is conspicuously reflected in our behaviour. Our compassion and love for one another based on the duties reflected in the Quran and Sunnah are enacted without reservation, our true nature at once denied and laid bare unguarded.